Hi There!

OH Deer! Look what we saw! and Video Links for Deer Documentary

Hi Friends!
 Here are some photos we took on our drive a few weeks ago. We saw the tree and only one of the deer. As we focused the camera in a bit, we found more than one!

They were so still and we did not dare venture any closer and loose the photos!

With the fresh snow, the track were visible and it almost looked like there were a few more off to the right and behind that house.
All I can say is that they were so pretty sitting there and sunning themselves. These re mule deer, you can tell by the ears and the black on their backs. These were taken back in January 2o16.
Hope you like them as much as we did!
Enjoy! Here is my YouTube personal Deer Video. MY FIRST VIDEO!! It is short, but we saw this lovely just past Taylor Lake, Blue Mesa area in Colorado.

Here is a great link to a deer documentary. It is on Netflix, but you may be able to see it via another location. I could find it.here.



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