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Easy Breakfast Burrito ~ Friday Foods

Hi Friends!
Today's recipe is a quick and easy Breakfast Burrito that is so good, that I had to stop writing this blog to go make one! Truly!

Scramble two eggs in a bowl.

Add 2 Tablespoons of Salsa.

Scramble together.

Cook on High in Microwave for 1 minute. The edges will be cooked but not the middle yet. Scramble it together again and then repeat at 1 minute until the egg mixture is done to your liking. I like stiff eggs, not runny, so I cook it a total of 3 minutes.

Stir after each minute of cooking.

Add 30 seconds to the end to make sure no runnyness!

Your egg mixture should look similar to this.
Put all the egg mixture into the center of a tortilla as shown.

Top with enough cheese to your liking. I used a Queso Cheese here, but any type of med to hard cheese works good.

Now fold up the bottom edge as shown.

Now fold over the left side as shown. Oh and my Granddaughter did my nails! PINK & PURPLE for Valentine's Day!

Roll the tortilla over to the left once more so that it is now facing seam down.

Now add garnish. I added Avocado and a tomato salsa. 

I have added in other ingredients like peppers, onion, mushrooms, meat. I have also made the avocado into guacamole. Make one today and enjoy!

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