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An Interview With Author LC Cooper ~ Royal Venom

 Today, I had the privilege of sitting down with LC Cooper, Author and Humanitarian. LC offered some good insight into her latest novel, of which a sample can be read HERE.

LC is a very down to earth kind of gal with an unusual sense of humor that is present in many of her funny and twisted books. In her latest book, Royal Venom, she puts her humor aside for a more serious, yet exciting, action adventure novel. 

Here is our latest interview. LC lets you in on some interesting tidbits in and about the new novel, Royal Venom.

CJ: Now that you have written a new novel, " Royal Venom", can you tell your readers a little about it?
LC: Yes. I'm excited by this new novel. This sequel to legacy mixes the worst of profiteering with a noble dream.

CJ:Where does this story take place?
LC: The story take place mainly in Australia, with the current events in the Middle East and Europe. This all comes together during a royal reception in Australia.

CJ:I see this is a Collin Roggero Action Adventure. Is it similar or linked to "Legacy", your first published novel?
LC: No, it's not linked to Legacy. However it is continuing Collin's love for air craft restoration. And, of course, it is another adventure store.

CJ:Where did you get your inspiration for this new subject?
LC: Well, the story has it's roots in the Malaysian Missing Passenger Jet in the World News. Also, I'd had a recent visit to Australia.

CJ: Is Collin based on a person or persons you have known?
LC: Collin is loosely based on Colin Powell, but he embodies the mix of an average guy with a love for the art of aircraft restoration and a reluctant hero.

CJ: Collin reminds me of a "MacGyver" kind of guy in Legacy. Is he that type of character?
LC: Yes, but he is not as resourceful.

CJ: Is that a quality you want to get across in your leading man, Collin?
LC: "Qualities", yes, that if you keep your eyes open, life is full of quirky adventures.

CJ: Are you planning on taking Collin on any more action adventures?
LC: Yes, several more.

CJ: Can you give your readers a glimpse?
LC: Sure, he'll tangle with a forgotten heir, take on a twisted Child Placement System, and confront a government entity that "must always be right".

CJ: I know you have been writing all of 2015, what can we expect in the year 2016?
LC: A couple of short stories  from now till the end of 2016, in the genres of irony and twists of fate.

Thank you LC for this great glimpse into your writing life. I have enjoyed your books and novels for years. We look forward to reading the new book, Royal Venom, coming out for pre-orders August 1, 2016.
LC Cooper's LEGACY

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