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Winter Waredrobe with 8 Styles ~ What To Wear Wednesday

New Year's Eve Party Style
A Winter Wardrobe consists of warm apparel. Because the United States consists of every type of weather at any given moment of any day, a winter wardrobe might be just a light jacket in places like Arizona, Florida and parts of Texas. However, here in Colorado, with snow on Christmas & New Years, we still have snow and cold cold cold temperatures!

Black & Brown
Here are a few It's snowing outside ♡ (Lookbookstore) $40 voucher ♡ 
It's snowing outside ♡  by cjd-sign 
It's snowing outside ♡ (Lookbookstore)

It's snowing outside ♡ (Lookbookstore) by cjd-sign

 of my favoriteCome show off your Theme Jewelry Outfits!
                                 things!   ♡Winter Styles♡ . 

 I bet you thought I  was going to break into song! 
Black & Grey 
I hope you like them! 60 Second Style 
At least get a few style ideas!

If you haven't already, it's Time to pull out the winter wardrobe in time for the cozy cold nights.
For more great ideas find my Winter Wardrobe Collection HERE on Polyvore.

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One Lousy Wish by LC Cooper
One Lousy Wish by LC Cooper by cjd-sign

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