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The Stone House ~ Restaurant Review

Hi Friends!
Another great restaurant here in Montrose.
We enjoyed our first visit to "Stone House"  in Montrose, Co. 
                                     Open 7 days a week

Reservations accepted

The Stone House
1415 Hawk Parkway
Montrose, Colorado 81401

 However, an unexpected delay as we had to wait for our table due to a "Christmas Office Party" just ahead of us. This was a surprise gathering for Hubby, so reservations were made ahead of time, but even though we took a half an hour delay in scheduling, it was a bit of a wait before we were seated.

Hubby enjoyed a Meaty Lasagna, a thick clam chowder and fried Pot Stickers for appetizer. Hubby's food review was as follows: The pot stickers were obviously handmade and were perfect; it came with a sauce. The clam chowder was thick and hearty with a perfect chowder taste. The Lasagna was a good size portion with a plain spaghetti type sauce, which seemed to me to be the wrong sauce for this dish. But it was easily overlooked. I did not care for the mixed steamed vegetables. The homemade & fresh hot bread was very good. I could have made a meal out of just the bread. The bread was served with butter, so CJ passed on the bread.

CJ's Dinner photo by CJD.Sign
I had the delicious Med-Rare Prime Rib with the long grain herb rice and steamed vegetables. My appetizer was a dish of fried mushrooms that were hot and mouthwatering!  My food review is as follows:  The salad was just the right amount with crisp lettuce and vegetables. The dressing, on the side was a nice touch so to deliver the amount I wanted to use on my salad. The next course was the Pot Stickers & Mushrooms, both fried. I really enjoyed the mushrooms, though I felt they were a bit pricey for the amount served. My Prime Rib was cooked exactly right & very delicious, served with horseradish sauce. I did try it and prefer just the steak alone. The rice was a bit undone, and sadly to say, the vegetables were very cold. I took half my steak and veggies home in a to go box.

Others in our party had the Blackened Salmon, Grilled Chicken Salad, A Jalapeno Burger & Chicken Parmesan. Each meal was a large enough portion and the service was very attentive.
For the Stone House Restaurant Review.

CJ's Review:
1 point for ambiance.
1 point for excellent & prompt waitstaff.
1 point for food service
1 point for cleanliness.
1 point for overall experience.
 for a total of 5points. (photo)

Hubby's totals:
.5 point for ambiance. (boisterous Christmas Party going on at the time and we could not hear our       own conversations) But that is not the fault of the Restaurant. Just happened to be the Saturday before Christmas.
1 point for excellent & prompt waitstaff.
1 point for food service
1 point for cleanliness.
1 point for overall experience.
for a total of  points (photo)

Note: High End Dinner Pricey but Worth It.
You can find more information HERE:
So we are in agreement for The Stone House:

 LC Cooper
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