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The Eagle ~ A Bird of Stength & Magesty

Hi Friends! 
What a fun drive out in the country and look who we saw! This Bald Eagle was perched in a tree and looking so majestic! The above two darker photos were taken in the mid morning and the photos below were taken after 3pm.
The snow was just dotting the landscape and he was just sitting there looking over the land. It was so neat to see such a large Eagle and he had a friend, but I did not get the other one in the shots I did try to capture him flying around, but the low brush couldn't capture him in the photo.
Hubby stopped the car on the way back to shoot some photos from the car. He looked directly at us and WOW what a shot!
All Photos by CJD.Sign

Even from the back, this amazing bird shows strength and majesty! I hope to add more shots to this posting. Stay tuned!
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