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Minion Blanket ~ Creative Day Thursdays

Hi Friends!
Today I'm showing off my handmade Minion Blanket made for my Grandson this Christmas.
These fun Minions were made from an idea that grew, literally, from  a pinterest photo of a small Minion by Whistle & Ivy. 
Link below

Whistle and Ivy {Bethany}

Free Crochet Pattern - Minion Crochet Afghan Square | Make a Minion afghan for your little minion.

 I increased the pattern to make a large quilt of 20 Minions; 5 Minions across and 4 Minions down.

The final smiles were finished after this photos were taken. 

Since this was my first (and last) try of doing my own pattern, I think it came out ok. Trenton loves it and that is all that matters!
I had Minion eye ball dreams for over 3 months!

Each Minion really came to life when all the elements were finished on each face. The quilt was much harder and difficult to do the corner rounds at the heads, so I just did a large strip and stitched the heads onto the middle strip to join the two Minion strips.

 I made the Minion Pillow, below, first and loved it.


Enjoy this labor of LOVE!!
I hope you branch out in your Crocheting too! Good Luck and if you attempt this or any other Minion Crochet projects, please comment and send me a link of the photo! Thanks! 

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