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Dragon Wall Buffet & Sushi Bar ~ Restaurant Review

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We just had to do a write up on one of our favorite Restaurants in Montrose, Colorado. The Dragon Wall's delicious aromas hit you when you come in the door. And the aromas account for the delicious foods served & on the buffet bars.
The Dragon Wall is a All You Can Eat Buffet & Sushi Bar located at 216 North Townsend Avenue, Montrose, Colorado.
There are 5 food bars to choose from. The first bar is Salads and cold food items. The 2nd bar is desserts. Yummy! The next three bars are Hot Bars and are filled with Appetizers or Finger Foods & Soups, the next is filled with Noodles, Fried Rice, Pork, Beef , Chicken & Seafood Dishes.
 Each of the dish has a different flavor. Most of the dishes are Chinese, but there are a few options for the kids, like pizza and french fries. Always good to know!
The Sushi Bar serves fresh handmade Sushi. There are several different choices. (Sorry, my camera was foggy from the cold outside)
Sushi made fresh and tasty!
There are two large dining areas with booths & tables. The larger dining room has a gorgeous chandelier that adds a bit of class to the dining area. There is also a more private meeting/party room that can be used for larger parties of people, luncheons, or special events.
Here are some photos of what we had for lunch. We have also been here for dinner, but we prefer the lunch buffet after the Dr. visits.
I had the delicious Egg Drop Soup with crunchy noodles, Panko Zucchini, and Spring Rolls followed by Scallion Chicken, Mushroom Chicken & Pepper Chicken. I'm sure you can tell I love Chicken!
Hubbies plate looked more like Mt. Kilimanjaro, so I have listed things individually. *WINK*  Hubby had Lo Mein Noodles
Teriyaki Chicken
Panko Zucchini
Broccoli Chicken
Panko Fish
Fried Saffron Chicken
Pot Stickers
Jalapeno Chicken
Pepper Beef
and Sweet & Sour Chicken
There are many other dishes & items to choose from on each of the 5 bars. The menu is extensive and well priced. You can order at the table or order take-out.  You can also get the Buffet & Sushi Bars by the lb. to take-out. 
 Everything is hot and delicious. For dessert, I have the Sesame Balls & Sugar Donuts and Hubby has the Butter Pecan Ice Cream. YUMMMMMY!! 

The owner, manager and waitstaff are very nice and always helpful; being disabled, as I am, the staff has carried my plate to my table if need be. Service is fast and courteous with refills on the drinks and removal of used plates. The restaurant is clean & restrooms are clean and maintained. 
Yes, we are regulars &We love this place!

There is a Fountain Fish Pond in the lobby.

Dragon Wall is a family owned & operated restaurant. They are located @216 North Townsend Ave, Montrose, CO 81401. Take out orders: 970-249-7070

We highly recommend the Dragon Wall Restaurant the next time you are in Montrose, Co and looking for Chinese Cuisine Food. Lunch & Dinner served 7 days a week.
Their interactive website offers fast & easy ordering for take-out & dine-in customers, plus online-only special offers & discounts; check it out  HERE!

Here is our Rating:
1 star for ambiance
1 star for excellent & hot foods
1 star for excellent & courteous service
1 star for  cleanliness
1 star for overall experience

We hope you try Dragon Wall soon! A definite place to put on you "Restaurant Bucket List" of places to eat at.

Enjoy! CJD.Sign

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