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A Mother's Wish To Her Son

My Son,
Today is your 29th Birthday and what a blessed day it is for me too! Now that your children are older, I know you feel the happiness that I have felt on your Birthday each and every year of your life.
You are my son, my first born child. In you I have placed my hopes and my dreams. I have given you my heart since the day I found out I was pregnant with you.

When I think back to all the days that I have been blessed to be be your mom, I think on all the funny things you do, the laughter you give to others, the love that fills your heart. I think on your accomplishments in your young, 29 years. And there are so many that I often think of you as older than you are. I am so very proud to be your Mom.

I see the face of your wife and how happy she is to be with you. I see your children and how they love their Daddy so much!  Your kindness and love is so bigger than the man who you are. And that, my son, is such a wonderful thing! You give all you have for those you love and it shows.

As each year passes, I see you mature more and more into a great man. A man of honor, loyalty, trust, a man of sacrifice for your family and a man among those I am very proud to know. I have seen you succeed, pick yourself up when you fall, and I have seen you grow. I still see it now as you continue living a fine life.

Today on your 29th Birthday, I wish you all that this world offers that is good. I wish you love that knows no boundaries. I wish you a full and happy life, and I wish you many many more (29's) Birthdays to celebrate. You've given me more than you will ever know. Thank You My Son!

I love you my son with all my heart!


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