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7 Organizing Tips To Do In January

Hi Friends!
Organizing can be such an overtaxing ordeal, but here are some easy ideas to lighten up the job!

1. EMail Clean UP - batch delete all unwanted email. 
EMail Filing - file away any important email and delete the rest.

2. Plastic Containers & Lids - Recycle lids & containers that are clogging the cabinet.
Replace if needed with sturdy containers & lids.
3. Closet Clean Out -
get rid of any Spring/Summer Clothing that no longer fits or you just aren't wearing anymore. Take it to Salvation Army or Good Will or Habitat for Humanity and make it a donation!

4. Clean Out Refrigerator - throw out all those left overs that you won't eat or are growing Science Projects. A clean refrigerator is a healthier family!

5. Organize Your Junk Drawer -
get rid of unused items, organize like items, put away items that have just accumulated in this drawer that belong elsewhere. 

6. Clean Out Old Tax Records & Receipts -
shred old bills, old bank statements, old files from 6 years ago and later.
7. Clean Out Car Glove Box - throw away old condiments before they cause a mess, tidy maps together with a rubber band (you should have a map in your glove box in case you are out of signal range for your GPS device), change the batteries in your flashlight, shred old insurance cards  & registration cards (make sure these are the outdated cards and not the new cards).

Those are just a few organizing ideas to get the month a bit more stress-free! 

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