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5-Minute Beauty Routine

5-Minute Beauty Routine by cjd-sign featuring ELF Cosmetics
Hello Everyone! Happy New Year of 2015!!  

I have worked up this Polyvore Set to show my 5-Minute Beauty Routine. And I do this under 5 minutes, unless I happen to get something in my eye.  
What I start with is:#1 The Concealer. I dab it not wipe it on. I leave it for a min #2 The face powder. I brush all over my face, except under my eyes. I then use a flat brush to blend the concealer and then cover it with the #3 translucent powder.
#4 Blushes to accent the outfit color tone.
#5 Eye shadows in shades to also compliment the outfit.
#6 The eyelashes are next with a water proof mascara.
#7 The final eye step is the eyeliner or eyelining pen.
 #8 Use a brow pencil to shape and even out the color of your brows.
#9  The Lipstick should match the tone or color of your outfit/accessories. Blending two lip colors is a favorite technique of mine to get the pop of color the outfit may require.
#10 Highlight last and use a bronzer to add dimen…

Displaying Needle Work

Hi Friends!
Displaying framed needlework takes a bit of time, but it is totally worth it!  And if you are giving it as a gift, your recipient will appreciate it all the more!

First clean the piece with mild detergent, *Woolite works great, rinse 2x's and hang over a bar to dry or use clothes pins and pin it to a clothing line.

When it is dry, place the piece face down on the iron board.   Spray the back with spray starch and let set for a few minutes.

Iron piece with adequate temp for the type of fabric you are pressing.

The one above is Aida Cloth. Press it on Cotton.

If there are embellishments on your piece, say beads or monofiliments in colors, then us a cooler setting so not to melt the threads off.

 Pressing from the center to the edges works best. Use more spray starch if needed.

Let set aside to cool piece down.

Flip the frame over and take apart the bottom of the frame.

Pantone Color of The Year 2016~ Pink Quartz & Serenity!

 Hi Friends!
It's that time of year again where I feature the Pantone Color of the Year!
This year there are not just one, but two Colors that have been chosen!

The first is Pink Quartz
and the second is Serenity!

And as a rule of thumb for me, I looked to Melina over at Decoholic and she did not disappoint! 

"December 26, 2015 at 11:49 pmSimply Beautiful Melina. You’ve done it yet again! The 2016 Pantone Color of the Year in all your decorating options are just gorgeous! Your eye for details is such a visual treat! Thank you for starting off the New Year in a beautiful colorful way! Always enjoying, CJD.Sign"
Decorating With the 2016 PANTONE Color of the Year
Beautiful Pink Bathroom Collection on Interior Design 2014! It is nice to see my Retro Bath coming back into style again! Great style ideas too!
Spectacularly Pink Bathrooms That Bring Retro Style Back


 Christmas Theme in a pink living room.

My Pink Retro Bathroom at Christmas!