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Charming Homes Around Montrose

Hi Everyone!
I love looking at houses and here are a few of our favorites around Montrose, CO.

 As Summer comes into Fall, the landscapes have changed and the homes take on a new outdoor decor.

 Old and New the homes are so charming!

 Stone, brick, adobe & wood, these homes are some of the most charming in the local area.
 Below is the Townsend House, which sits on Townsend Ave. It is a Historical Home and a gorgeous one at that. The brick and Gingerbread trimmings make this house something special!
Thank you for taking a road trip around town to look at these Charming Homes!

Eating Herb flowers

Hello Everyone!
Today we are discussing Edible Flowers and Herb Flowers.
Herb flowers are most often forgotten, but I eat many of the edible flowers, herbs and "weeds" that grow in my garden. 

For instance, Mint Flowers, Nasturtiums, Pansy, Calendula, Basil, Thyme,  Roses, Borage & Chamomile, are some of the flowers I enjoy in my salads, teas and soups.

 Flax seeds are delicious and can go in everything! Well, mostly on salad, in breads, crackers, muffins and of course in your oatmeal!

Float some Mint leaves with flowers or Borage flowers in your Ice tea.

Borage flowers  have a cucumber taste. 

For a peppery note, use Nasturtiums in your salads. 

For a nice tea, take your Rose petals and place them in a tea pot. boil your water and put it in the teapot to steep for at least 5 minutes. Add a bit of honey to sweeten the tea.

And don't forget your flowers in Potpourri!
I hope you had a good time learning about edible flowers. Please check out any plant before consuming any part…

6 Repurposed Picture Frames and More Ideas!

Good Day Everyone!
I have picked up some old picture frames of varying sizes and shapes and wanted to do some DIY ideas with them. Here are a few of the options I have chosen and hope to tackle shortly!

(Photo coming soon!) Above photo frame, wire attached in lines across the back of the frame, secure with tiny eye screws. Attach your photos with close-pins. Very simple idea!

Here's an idea from
DIY Magnetic Picture frame add magnetic dots or strips onto items and use a metal back board for your frame. Spray paint your frame to match your decor! Very clever!

Here is a great idea for your jewelry! I Can Find The Time Blog uses a wooden framed jewelry holder fashioned with a large piece of plastic canvas to hold your earrings, bracelets, and add some pegs for your necklaces. This one is a must do! 
Picture Hanging Ideas
Here is a clever way to hang several "pictures" with multi frames, unique items and sayings for a special wall mural. From 

Simple Steps to Protect Your Pearls

 What do you do when you have pearls and you want to clean them? Here are a few sites that have good Pearl Care Information:

How to clean pearls

How to for Dummies - Cleaning Pearls

It's important to keep your pearls clean and to have them restrung immediately if you see frayed threads! Don't wait, like I did, and loose them in the car seat! I know I never found them all!

Sweat, oils and dust can make a string of pearls yuckie. Taking a little time to clean them will make your pearls not only look good, but last a good long time. And don't you want to see your Grand daughter in them one day? I DO!

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The Studio Apartment

Punpkin' Chunkin' ~ Monday Mayhem

Hi Everyone!
This past Saturday we attended the local Pumpkin' Chunkin' at the DeVrie's Farmers Market Trebuchet.

in Montrose, CO.  There were many craft booth, 

food booths, a radio station music booth,

and the event of the day, Pumpkin' Chunkin'. There were three Air Canons and one Trebuchet! The noise of the air canons was loud and we didn't stay long, but we heard later that there was a car out there in the field that was being pummeled by the pumpkins!
Too fun!
 It just could not have been a priettier day for this event and what fun! There was a Corn Maize and  a large Pumpkin Patch!

 I have, honestly, never seen so many pumpkins in one place! The pumpkin patch is still loaded with terrific pumpkins and the corn maze had many participants with kids. It was just a nice day to go out and play!

DeVries has so many seasonal vegetables, apples, pumpkins, gourds, potatoes & onions ready for you!
 Oh and I almost forgot, they have Roasted Green Chilies too!
 Many di…