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Friday Foods ~ Choke Cherry and Black Current Juice for Jam.

We were blessed to have a great crop of berries this year!

Mashing the pulp and seeds again to release more of the juice.

 I use a measuring cup to keep track of the amount of juice that is in each bag.

Mark the bags with a permanent marker: Name of Juice, Date, amount of Juice. Then when ready, take the frozen juice out and make your jelly or jam! It's that easy!

I really like this recipe from
I do add the Black Clove Currents to the Jam so that there is more sweetness and texture like Jam. I have more Chokecherries, so it is not an equal 1 to 1 ratio, but rather an accent berry.
4 c. juice
1 box Sure Jell pectin
5 1/2 c. sugar Wash berries; put in water to cover by placing hand on top of berries. Bring to a boil; simmer until there is good color and flavor (berries will begin to burst). Strain through cheese cloth. Mix Sure Jell with juice in large saucepan. Bring to boil; stir occasionally (this is a hard boil). At once, add sugar. Bring to rolling bo…

Mint Tea For Stomach Ache

Mint tea for stomach ache are the quickest way I have found to ease the pain. Here is the recipe I use at such times.
Mint leaves, Peppermint, Spearmint, Chocolate Mints are my favorites, but for this I use:

SPEARMINT Leaves, crushed 1 tea spoon in a tea ball.
Filtered Water 2 cups

Combine the spearmint leaves and the water and  boil in a small pot. Remove from the heat and let the tea stand for 15 minutes. Remove tea ball before drinking.

Preparation time: 15 minutes.
Dosage: 1-2 cups a day.

What to Wear Wednesday ~ BAGS!!!!

What to Wear Wednesday ~ Featuring Summer Bags by cjd-sign featuring
I love bags!!
 I have certain bags for the Seasons and usually follow along the lines of : Summer Bags are natural fibers, bright colored and fun.Winter Bags are dark colored, leather, Totes or Messenger Bags. Spring Bags are colorful, pastel, white or creams and neutrals.  Fall Bags are neutral colors, fall colors, warm and comfy.Is there a set "Rule" for what bag is taken when?Well, I typically choose:A casual bag with casual dress clothing.A more dressy or glitzy bag when I am going out on the town. For church, I usually try to match the outfit  I am wearing.For traveling, a messenger bag can be the ideal bag. A trip to the beach is a good time to choose not only a floppy beach bag, but one with a closure to hold valuables secure.A trip camping is a great time to sport that cute back pack or messenger bag.A road trip bag, for me, is a tote. Perfect to hold things to read and do! Hope these ideas help! I k…

Oregon Sunstones For Sale by Custom Gem Cutter
Oregon Sunstone 1.16cts$264.70Oregon Sunstone 1.16ctsGemstone variety: Sunstone
Weight: 1.16 cts.
Size: 7.0 mm round
Color: medium light orangey Red
Clarity: VS, Eye clean
Cut: SRB, Standard Round Brilliant
Shape: Round
Origin: Oregon, USA
Price: USD $264.70

Organic Raised Bed Gardening ~ Cabbage and Broccoli Spring and Fall

Harvest Cabbage heads when firm & nicely rounded. Rinse Heads of Cabbage, cut into quarters or eights for cooking. Cutting the cabbage with a bit of core in each chunk keeps the chunks from falling apart.