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deals, discounts, & more!

For discount information, beauty deals and more check out the site below!
From Nouveau Chic  a guide For New Readers
Nouveau Chic is an awesome site for getting great makeup at awesome prices! And who doesn't love a great deal, right?

Since I have been reading "Nouveau Chic" blogs and information, I have found some great deals on makeup! So take my word on this one readers and check out this site and the great ideas, info, and deals you can find here. If you like a bargain like I do, then don't miss out on this wonderful site!
So check out the link above to read more on the coupons and deals "G" has found!
Wonderful site "G"! Love the deals and info! Keep up the great work!
Enjoy! Happy Beauty Tuesday!

Makeup Brush Holder

Here is a great tutorial for making a makeup brush holder for home or traveling!

YM Model Flies to Cali

What could be more fun than California at Spring Break?

UP Up And Away!!Wear your Safari Bracelets by Yemmy Made Accessories on your Spring Break Vacation!  Have a Great Spring Break!

Friday Fun Food! CHOCOLATE!

We usually agree on the foods, my husband and me, but this one is a stand off!
I love chocolate dipped fruit!! YUMMY!

 LINK: Chocolate Chocolate and more
 And here is the Ultimate...
78 Chocolate Covered Recipes on

 Yes, as far as I am concerned, chocolate is wonderful on many many many yummies!! 
Enjoy your Chocolate Dipped Goodies!

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Fabric & Trim DIY Lampshade

&For Creative  Day Thursday, I decided to do a quick project for my Grand Daughter's lamp. A Cute Bright Pink pull chain lamp that had a rather unique outdated lampshade. I think the original one got broken, but this alternate is up for a Quick DIY!

+ Supplies: 
Small milk cap
Stick pins 
Glitter glue (optional) 
Take your lampshade and measure mark it in the round. Leave a bit of fabric (*1inch extra) on all sides, mark all around the material in the steady tracing line of the shade until you come to where you started.                             ----->

Cut out the shape you have just drawn on the backside of the material. Leave enough room for tucking under the lace edgings.
Put glue on a disposable plastic plate/piece. Add a tiny bit of water to thin out the glue.

Then starting at the original seam side. Glue the seam. Then brush glue on the top round of the lampshade and the bottom part of the lampshade.
Start my placing your edge with the front …