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Safe Online Shoping Tips!



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It has come to my attention that the scammers have tried to spoil the Christmas Holidays. So, I began searching the internet for safety tips when shopping online.  I found on the Firefox/Mozilla page they give some great tips. I think it is wise to incorporate many of these into our online shopping any time of the year!

So here is the main link:  FIREFOX
And some of the tips are really simple, but often over looked as we are in a rush to get out shopping done and the 30 other things we are juggling in the day!
 I've added my own "comments" under the titles, but follow the FireFox link above for more detailed and knowledgeable information!


Tip 1: Shop only at trusted and secure sites

Our Shopping Carts are save and secure. We have returning customers that have said they like the fast ability of shopping with us. We use "Square.com" for Custom Gem Cutter  and YemmyMade.com uses "Weebly Shopping Cart". Both of these sites are on the trusted list.

 Good Girl Gone Shopping: Top 5 Tips to Online Shopping

Tip 2: Use strong passwords

We have several strong passwords that we change up each month. This way we know our sites are secure and the shopping links are secure!


Tip 3: Protect your browsing information

We do use the "Private Browsing Mode" when shopping. Firefox has this option when you log into your internet via firefox.  


Mozilla Organization Source Safe Online Shopping

 So there you have it. Some safe online shopping advice!

Happy shopping!




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