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Displaying Needle Work


Hi Friends!
Displaying framed needlework takes a bit of time, but it is totally worth it!  And if you are giving it as a gift, your recipient will appreciate it all the more!

First clean the piece with mild detergent, *Woolite works great, rinse 2x's and hang over a bar to dry or use clothes pins and pin it to a clothing line.

When it is dry, place the piece face down on the iron board.   Spray the back with spray starch and let set for a few minutes.

Iron piece with adequate temp for the type of fabric you are pressing.

The one above is Aida Cloth. Press it on Cotton.

If there are embellishments on your piece, say beads or monofiliments in colors, then us a cooler setting so not to melt the threads off.

 Pressing from the center to the edges works best. Use more spray starch if needed.

Let set aside to cool piece down.

Flip the frame over and take apart the bottom of the frame.

 Make sure the glass is fully dry before placing the mat on top.

Then lay out the piece to be framed on the top of the face side down mat.

Cut off the edges that over lap the mat; follow the cross stitch holes as a guide.

The piece is now ready to be mounted to the mat.

Take the painters tape and cut it down the middle making it a thinner piece of tape.
* I use the painters tape for easy removal if the frame gets broken or if the recipient wants to change up the mat or frame. 




The finished mat framed cross-stitch work. I love it!
Here are a few more I have done as well.
One for my mother-in-law.
This one is in Crewel and I LOVE this frame!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I did! I love to create and to show how to do things. It seems a lost art, sewing, needle work & crafts with all the high tech and automated items out now a days! 
My Grandmother, Marion, taught me to sew at 7yrs, My other Grandmother, Marg, taught me to crochet and rug making at 11, My Wonderful Step-Mom taught me to sew more intricate and detailed projects thru my life, and My Parents & Grandparents all taught me the love of cooking. I did take Home Economics in High School and that confirmed my love for all the above. But my "grass roots" were definitely from those who shared with me the arts they loved and wanted to pass down that knowledge through the generations. 
That is the true hope of my blog. I want others to enjoy doing things and making things and teaching. It is an important legacy of who we are.

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