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Decoholic's Futuristic Living Designs by James Law

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I'm so excited about these designs by James Law Cyber Architect for real estate company Wadhwa Group in Mumbai, India..  You can see more of  these on Decoholic's "Balcony Pools by James Law" LINK

 This is such an Awesome Idea in Architecture & Design.

   is the Interior Designer and owner of Dechoholic.org who has brought us delicious interior designs, Christmas Trees & Decorations in my past blogs.  Melina's eye for detail is exceptional and one that we should all follow. Her ability to take an ordinary design and make it extravagant, yet comfortable is amazing! Here are a few more of her gorgeous ideas for your decorating pallet! 

10 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom Effortlessly Chic

From choosing the most restful and soothing colors to using over-sized linens in your Bedroom, Melina has made Chic Bedroom Decorating a breeze! LINK 

And for Melina's Christmas Ideas, be sure to check out these Gorgeous LINKS below!

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