Bear Aware

Hi Friends,
In the mountains, we have to be Bear Aware.  Are you bear aware?  

Here are a few of the tips given by Mountain Village, Colorado to help with this situation.

1.) Close and lock all bear-accessible windows and doors when you leave the house, and at night before you go to bed.

2.) Keep car doors and windows closed and locked if you park outside.

3.) Bears follow their super-sensitive noses to anything that smells like food, and can follow scents from up to five miles away. Use a bear-proof enclosure or container and never leave trash outside overnight.

Visit our website for more tips,

And please visit their website for the rest of the tips!
When you're in the Wild, don't forget about the Wildlife!!

 Also, check out these sites for more information:
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As always BE SAFE! And be alert when in Bear Territory!
God Bless!

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