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Acts of Kindness This Christmas

Hi Friends!
I Just had to repost this terrific Advent Calendar for everyone to see! I found it on Face Book on 97.3 The Eagle's Page by Stephanie!

Just in case you can't read it I have typed it all out below! (with my comments ;)  )

1. Give up your spot in the check out line. (I do this when someone has less in their basket than me!)
2. Bring Hot Chocolate to Salvation Army Workers. (A nice way to give back!)
3. Tell a joke to make someone smile! (:D)
4. Become a St. Jude Partner in Hope. (They always need Volunteers!)
5. Give Blood to the Red Cross! (It doesn't hurt much!)
6. Donate pet supplies or old towels to the Animal Shelter. (They always can use pet food!)
7. Pick up any trash you see. (Make the neighborhood look nice!)
8. Donate a Toy for Toys for Tots!  (My Dad, "Joe The Toy Maker", makes toys each year for this charity!
9. Pay for Someone else's coffee. (or drink, I say!)
10. Send Cards to Service Men and Women. (It is tough being away from home during the Holidays!)
11. Treat the Bus Driver to some Homemade Goodies! (My Postman likes this too!)
12. Leave a bag of Microwave Popcorn at Redbox. (Or hand it to the next person in line!)
13. Do yard work for a Neighbor. (Snow shoveling is a nice idea too!)
14. Give an unsolicited comment to a coworker. (Nice words change the world!)
15. Tape Change to a Vending Machine. (Or buy two of something and give the other away!)
16. Donate a toy to CHKD. (This is a local charity, the stores have toy boxes for Christmas toy give aways. So ck them or give to the Church who has knowledge of needy kids!)
17. Leave a present in the Mail Box for your Mail Carrier. (I do this for our Postman too. But hand it rather than leaving it in the box, it is some type of legal issue.)

18. Bring flowers to a local Retirement Home. (The smiles are limitless!)
19. Donate Canned Goods to the local Food Bank. (Ours appreciates Volunteers Too!)
20. Stash a dollar inside a toy at the dollar store. (Nice Idea!)
21. Donate Books you no longer need to the Library. (Their used book sales fund new books for the Library!)
22. Bring Cookies to the Police Station. (Or Donuts! *WINK*)

23. Deliver Blankets to the Homeless. (Or a Coat you no longer need.)
24. Call a loved one you haven't spoken to in a while! (And make Your Relationship a bit brighter!)
25. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

I would like to thank all of you, My Friends & Family, for all your follows, Repostings and Kind Comments! You bring life to the blog and a SMILE to my face! Thank You for making this year a great one! And as always, your comments and follows, repostings and trying new things out are always appreciated!  Let me know what you wish to see more of from this blog!  

And Merry Christmas to Everyone Everywhere!


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