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Popular Mechanics Best DIY Ideas!

Hi Friends!

 I wanted to bring up how ideas for simplicity sometimes come out of desperation! For me, that seems to be the case and I often wake up in the night thinking of how to figure out a solution to my current DIY problem.

Today, while surfing the net on simple ideas for large problems, I ran across this article that comes from Popular Mechanics for 110 of the Best DIY Ideas.  This magazine is read by millions of men and women around the world and is in several languages. DIY in Popular Mechanics is called "How To"

The post is from many years of back issues of the Popular Mechanics Magazines and how fun it was to read them all! I loved it and just had to share!

Popular Mechanics Magazine has been around since January 11, 1902 and is still going strong! This is the ultimate DIY Magazine/Website for the total DIYer!


Be sure to ck out the How To link above for even more ideas from Popular Mechanics! How to for cars, kitchens, homes, family, Christmas, and more!


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