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Brilliant Organizational Ideas from Dimplicity.com

Hi Friends,

I've been working on organizational projects all year long and this post (hopefully)

will be a useful one for you too!

To start with, Dimplicity by Jessie has many wonderful organizational tips and tricks.

The one I am going to tackle this month are her "Organization Binders". In this post,

Jessie shows how to use inexpensive binder folders to create these awesome three ring

"Organization Binders", including her FREE Printables for the inside.


Jessica also used the "Lane font" found here: http://www.dafont.com/lane.font

The printable documents are in PDF form and easy to print off.

If you are like me, which I really hope not, my bills and information ends up in a

basket to go downstairs to the file box. This, though a simple and easy idea, is not

organized at all and if someone catches the basket on the way down the stairs, then my

whole basket litters the stairs and someone is not very happy. And though I have tried

other solutions in my years, this one seems to win hands down!

So, I dug in my heals and have decided to toss the basket in the herb closet and make

these wonderful binders to keep all my info and bill stuff all in one place, plus a

large file box for the 5-7 yr "keep" box that I have in a large tote. And on the tote I

have the label plus a note to clean it out each January. This saves me a lot of time

later in the year when gathering up info for the taxes.

I will update this blog with photos when I get them done! Hopefully very very soon!!


Take a look at Jessie's website, Dimplicity.com, for the whole instructions and information with photos!


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