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Punpkin' Chunkin' ~ Monday Mayhem

Hi Everyone!
This past Saturday we attended the local Pumpkin' Chunkin' at the DeVrie's Farmers Market Trebuchet.

in Montrose, CO.  There were many craft booth, 

food booths, a radio station music booth,

and the event of the day, Pumpkin' Chunkin'. There were three Air Canons and one Trebuchet! The noise of the air canons was loud and we didn't stay long, but we heard later that there was a car out there in the field that was being pummeled by the pumpkins!
Too fun!
 It just could not have been a priettier day for this event and what fun! There was a Corn Maize and  a large Pumpkin Patch!

 I have, honestly, never seen so many pumpkins in one place! The pumpkin patch is still loaded with terrific pumpkins and the corn maze had many participants with kids. It was just a nice day to go out and play!
Old farm tools are on display around the grounds.

 DeVries has so many seasonal vegetables, apples, pumpkins, gourds, potatoes & onions ready for you!
 Oh and I almost forgot, they have Roasted Green Chilies too!
 Many different apple varieties are for sale individually or in large boxes.

 But most of all, I loved the pumpkins! I think that we will be making a pumpkin pie shortly. Yes, before Thanksgiving, just because they are so delicious!
So there is still time to go to the DeVries Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze! Take a drive out today!

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