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Friday Foods ~ "Update" on Jam, Choke Cherry and Black Currant Jam


  Just a quick review for those who missed part One of this tutorial. Link Below.

Friday Foods ~ Choke Cherry and Black Current Juice for Jam.

This recipe is right on the box and very easy to make. I used my juice that I extracted from the blend of berries above and stored them in the freezer till the cooler weather of Fall.

Here is how I made my Berry Jam.

There are many types of Setting Jell, but we prefer Sure Jell.

I thawed the juice from my berries and put it in a large stock pot.

This is the sugar I used for this Jam batch, but next year I am going to try "Sugar in the Raw".

Having your equipment ready at hand will save you time and effort in this Jam making process. Here are a few of the things I use for canning. I found all my tools at Ace Hardware Store, but I have seen them @ Target, Walmart, Sears, and online.

It's ok if you get a bit messy; it all cleans up!

These are the directions I  followed with my Choke Cherry & Black Clove Currant Jam. 
Both of these bushes are in our back garden and the berries came from our bushes. They are never sprayed with chemicals, but I do use an organic homemade bug recipe.

Yields: about 8 half-pints
5 Cups juice from currents & choke cherries.
7 Cups Sugar
1 box Sure-Jell
8 jelly jars/ half-pints with lids and rings.

Put juice in a large sauce pan (like the one above). Add the sugar, stirring until the sugar is dissolved.
Bring this mixture to boil over high heat, stirring constantly.
Stir in the pectin (Sure-Jell)
Return to rolling boil.
Boil hard 1 minute, stirring constantly.
Remove from heat.
Skim off the foam if necessary.
Ladle hot jam/jelly into hot jelly jars.
Leave 1/4inch headspace in the jars. Adjust the two-piece caps after wiping jar rim with clean soft rag.
Process 10 min in a boiling-water canner.
Removed from canner and let cool on counter at least 1 inch apart.
This is the Black Clove Current & Choke Cherry & Blueberry Jam
This is the Black Clove Current & Choke Cherry Jam
This was a fun and easy canning jam and I hope to do more next year!
I will be doing the same to some Concord Grape Juice that a great friend just gave me! YUMMY
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Now go make some Jam or Jelly!
It's so easy!

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