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Friday Foods ~ Billiard/8 Ball Squash

Hi Everyone, Today we will we talking Squash. Not the game but the Vegetable. And what a fun squash we found this year to grow!
8 Ball Squash growing on the vine.
Stuff with meatloaf and top with cheese!
This is our first year growing the 8 Ball or Billiard Ball Squash and we LOVE IT!

 A wonderful and fun squash to eat!
Dark Green
Yellow Round Tender Flesh

Stuff with wild rice and dried tomatoes!
 We have absolutely loved growing these cute little minis and if you leave them on the vine a bit longer, it becomes and 8 pin bowling ball (for those of us from New England area of the USA.).
We have made these little beauties into fried squash with onions, baked squash with the wild rice and tomatoes that was exceptional. The flesh is tender and we don't peel the skins. We slice or dice them for my favorite "CJ's Squash Casserole" LINK. We have eaten them fresh in salads and grilled lightly on the bbq grill. And in our opinion, these little cuties are a must for any gardener.
8 Ball or Billiard Ball Squash

The plants are similar to the Yellow Summer Squash plants, but the fruit are more like a cross between a Summer Yellow and a Zucchini. They are wonderful and we will be including them in our garden again next year. I think we will plant more than just the four plants and hope to can a few to see how they fair in stews.
You can find more information on Billiard Ball/Eight Ball Squash here at the below link:
Baked “fried” squash | Living! with ZenLizzie
Baked fried Squash. Just slice the squash and dust in flour. Dredge in egg and then in Panko Flakes. Delish!!
 I hope you learned about a new squash and are willing to give it a go in your garden next year!
Let me know in the comments if you have or are going to try it! Sharing information is a fun way to learn new and exciting things!
Enjoy & Blessings to You!

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