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Falling in Love With Fall ~ Wreath Project

 I start decorating my home for the Fall season about the end of September or the beginning of October. The cool chill in the air is what brings about my decorating time.
I prefer a more festive fall look to my Fall/Halloween decor. I'm not into the scary looking decorations. So I use gourds, pumpkins & dried flowers for my decorating. This year I put my lantern on a shepherds hook and put a solar light in the top. It looks good out in the Herb Garden.
The fall colors are starting around Ridgeway, Colorado
I decided to do a "cat tails" themed wreath this Fall. We found some cat tails along the creeks by the house and thought that might look neat in our arrangements. However, with our allergies,
I did not want to chance it, so I got a bunch of fabricated cat tails that also had paper-like reeds on it and used it in my new Fall Wreath.

So there is my Autumn/Fall Wreath. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Taken by the Papa John's in Montrose, CO

The Fall leaves are changing and the colors are amazingly bright and crisp this time of year. I took a day trip up to Ouray, Colorado and the colors were just turning.

Have a wonderful day!
Blessings to you abundantly!

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