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Creative Day Thursday ~ Humming Bird Feeder

Our bird feeder was all one color, Red, and the birds were not coming! CJD.Sign Photos
 Hi Everyone,
This project came to be by my hubby who was concerned that the Humming Birds were not attracted to our new bird feeder.
CJD.Sign Photos
 So he asked if I had yellow and white nail polish and if I could "paint" the flowers to attract the humming birds.
CJD.Sign Photos
 So I put on two coats of the yellow nail polish on the "petal shapes" and it was a bit slick.
CJD.Sign Photos
 The two coats looked good and a bit brighter.
CJD.Sign Photos

 Then I added the white Nail polish to the centers of the yellow "petals" and let it dry for about l hour to help the polish smell evaporate before putting outside in the tree.
CJD.Sign Photos
CJD.Sign Photos
This is the way the container looked when all was put back together and the humming bird food was added to the canister on top.
AND it Worked wonderfully! The humming birds came right to it making this project a wonderful success! Way to go hubby!
Hope you have fun making this project for your yard and welcome the humming birds again next year. 

It being Fall now, the Humming Birds have left Colorado and headed to the warmer South. Be sure to clean and disinfect your bird feeders. Most can be hand washed just fine in warm soapy water. Make sure it is dry before you pack it away for next years use.

Enjoy our first week of Fall 2015!
Blessings to you and your family!

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