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2015 Fall Pantone Colors

Pantone 2015 Fall Color PalletFall 2015 starts the season with "earthy neutrals" that reflect patterns of "hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural."


Earthy Tones are back in style
for men and for women!
Pantone FALL 2015.

The top 10 colors of this season are:

Desert Sage, a cool and soothing greenish-gray.

Stormy Weather, a powerful blue-gray that is strong, protective and enduring.

Oak Buff, a meadow with comforting and warming shades.

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Dried Herb, an olive green that has become sophisticated and chic elevating the level of military green.

Marsala, a winey red-brown that has finesse and savoir faire and is rich, warm and robust.

Biscay Bay, a teal that is lush and elegant with cool serene tones of blue and the invigorating green of tropical waters.

Cadmium Orange, a color of the 60's & 70's one of fun and fantasy, is a warm, welcoming and subtly dramatic hue.

Cashmere Rose, a tactile and soft pink that is more upscale than downtown.

Reflecting Pond, a cooling blue that adds a message of credibility, stability and security.
Amethyst Orchid, a jewel in the crown of color. Intriguing, vibrant and somewhat sensual, this shade is an extraordinary hue that is unique, boldly creative and exciting.

The designers of this Fall 2015 Color Pallet did not separate the Men & Women's color pallet as they have in recent years. They are not typically male & female as designated colors, but natural hues & color combinations that fit both genders. "A Unisex Color Palette" of both masculine and feminine tones.

These highlighted natural tones are coming together in eyeshadow, interior & exterior paints, clothing swatches as well as home interior fabrics. Fall is au'naturel!Fall Fashion with YemmyMade Accessories
We welcome Fall~

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