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In Blooming Color - A Summer Walk

Yellow Squash Flower

Golden Calendula Flowers
Lavender Spring Lilac
Purple Violets.

Luscious Lavender Lilac
A Pink Honeysuckle. The berries are poisonous.
Burgundy & Yellow Pansy

Blue & white Columbine. Colorado's State Flower.

Even the backside of the Columbine is beautiful!
White 'Snow in Summer"

Alyssum "Carpet of Snow"

White Strawberry Flower.
English Bluebell

Lipstick Strawberry Plant
Black Iris
Purple Iris
Salvia Purple Spike Flowers

Spanish Yellow Broom
 Ruffled Purple Pansies.
Blue Creeping Phlox
Purple Petunias

Red Petunias

Morning Glories

Crimson Red Petunias

Thanks for strolling along with me through my montage of flowers! I'll be posting more flowers and plants from the Montrose Botanical Gardens. Stay tuned!
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