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Fishing on the Grand Mesa, CO

A very nice place to visit!

Hi Everyone!
We took a fun road trip up to the Grand Mesa, Colorado.
Colorado wild flowers called Bistort.
Here is a photo journey of our trip.
The Visitor Center

 The Rangers at the Visitor Center were very helpful and informative.
 They take care of this beautiful forest so that we can enjoy the wild life, lakes, lands, forests and flora.
 This is the fallen log that serves as a home to many forest bugs, reptiles and other creatures in the forest. These fallen trees are not removed.

and had a wonderful time. 

"Within the Grand Mesa National Forest are 300 lakes and reservoirs, a network of shorelines and waterside retreats that keeps fishers, boaters, hikers and campers satisfied. The Grand Mesa is particularly popular with anglers seeking fish tales among the area’s seven trout species."Source

We struck out on catching any fish, 

 but the photos turned out fantastic.
Colorado Wild Flowers called
 The Colorado Grand Mesa’s 10,000-foot altitude means cooler temps in the summer. 
High altitude = 1,500–3,500 metres (4,900–11,500 ft) Source Wikipedia

The altitude is high and the oxygen is lower in the atmosphere.
 This decrease in oxygen can have an effect on some people. This is called Altitude Sickness.
 Resting and drinking plenty of water will help with the altitude changes.
Staying on the paths is important.
Fairy Slipper (Calypso bulbosa)
The flora and fauna use all the resources in the forest.
It is extremely important to leave the forest the way you found it.

If you bring trash in, take the trash out with you when you leave.

The beauty of nature.

God's gifts to us on Earth.
 A storm started to come up upon us, so we packed it in and headed home.
 Primitive areas should be traversed with caution of the wild animals.
 So many trails to hike.
 Lots of camping sites in the areas of the 300 lakes and reservoirs.
Out here one feels closer to God.
I hope you enjoyed this photo travel blog about Grand Mesa Colorado. A beautiful place that stays in your heart forever!
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