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Decorating Ideas for a Family Room

Here is a long narrow room with many large windows. The color tones are grey, tan & white. The accents are mustard, tomato & sea foam colors in the pillows. I think a ceiling fan would be appropriate in this room to control the heat or cold.
a decorating project on a budget
Hi Everyone!
Today I am looking at a decorating project on a budget.
1609 Dogwood Dr, Rifle, CO
This is a long narrow room with many windows.
I have the pleasure of knowing a couple that has a long narrow room as we are discussing. The room is the length of the home, there are large tall windows, and this is the only exit to the back yard.
Here are some ideas.
sea foam colors
Decorating Ideas

This is an alternate design with more textures and some long insulated curtains that help keep the room cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter. The accent colors are natural tones.  Slip covers are a good choice to use over older furniture.

Natural fibers are very useful in a Family Room or Rec Room.


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