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Creative Day Thursdsay ~ Spray Painting to UpCycle Items

Hi  Everyone,
Today I am working with some items to improve my home organization.

 First, I am revamping my herb shelves & adding more space with a wire shelving unit I've had for over 10 years.
Shelving Unit, LOL

The Shelving Unit looks good now!

Next, I am repainting some small baskets that I use in my "Ladies" Bathroom ~ It's quite Pink.
Upside down basket hides lamp cord.
Soap Basket painted white.

Lastly, I am repainting the grab bar in the bathroom too, as it gets used and banged up a bit each year.

 This is an easy job, but do use caution, as the fumes are toxic. I do all my spray painting & painting out doors in open areas. I also use an old shower curtain as a drop cloth for my painting projects.

Try it out for yourself. Recycle or Upcycle something today!


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