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Chamomile Tea with Wickstead's!

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Chamomile tea for Tuesday!

My Chamomile has been harvested and I am ready for a fresh cup of Chamomile Tea!

 Here is a quick visual tutorial on how to make a cup of fresh or dried Chamomile Tea.


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About a rounded tablespoon; fresh herbs are not as strong as dried herbs.
One coffee filter.

Place in bottom of the filter.

hehehe my Dyslexia again; Boiling Water. :)
For dried Chamomile Tea use 1 Teaspoon.

I like to steep my tea for at least 10 minutes. Then gently press the tea filter against a spoon, trying not to break the filter open. If it does break, then just strain the tea into a new cup. :)
And for dessert...
Compost is great for the garden and the tea bag and filter are bio-degradable.

I hope you enjoy a cup of Tea today!



 **Side Note** "The Country Doctor Handbook" by The Editors of FC&A Medical Publishing, pg. 30, "Chamomile", states use 2 to 3 Tablespoons of fresh Chamomile per tea cup. So it is more about taste.

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