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Father's Day Is Sunday June 21st

Father's Day Fun & Easy Ideas!

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What is more fun than a Father's Day
 Cook OUT~
BBQ Recipes
Hamburgers/Chicken Burgers* on Pretzel Buns

Fresh Grilled Corn On The Cob
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Grilled Veggie Chips
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Fresh Lemon Aide
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 I fix the links and information back up. 
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*Vegetarians can substitute delicious veggie burgers instead of the meat listed above.

Activity List 
 1. Day at the Park with Dad.
2.  Ball Park with Dad.
3.  Wine or Beer Tasting with Dad (for the 21+ kids!)
4. Camping with Dad.
5. Fishing with Dad.
6, Bowling with Dad.
7.  Movie Night Dad's Choice.
8. Golf with Dad.
9. Amusement Park with Dad.
10.  Music Event/Concert with Dad.

There are many more activities to think of.  Just look in your local chamber of commerce or activity center for more information and activities.
Make it a fun day for Dad!
Enjoy your weekend!
A Special Happy Father's Day to Matt A. Dunkle!
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