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What to Wear Wednesday ~ '70's Style

ME, CJD.Sign in the '70s.
WOW! I'm seeing a lot of '70s Flash Back Fashion this week!

Remember "That '70's Show"? For the younger generations it was a program with kids and parents in the 1970's.

And for us older generation Baby Boomers,
Oh, and how about "The Brady Bunch"? 
with Carol Brady & her Brood! 
And did you "dig" the Partridge Family's Groovy Clothing?

If you are the one who remembered these styles, how do you feel about them coming full circle in stylish fashion again?
For me, I have mixed emotions about the style. I am very happy to see better color combos and less gaudy patterns in the styles today.But for me, this style of clothing brings back too many uneasy memories I'd rather not re-live. For me, I was a child of the 70's, born in the 60's and a Military BRAT,which created struggle in my life with friends & neighbors who were very much into the Hippie and Swingers clothing style . I was not and am still straight laced and happy with my choice.

Enough on that, I can say that the clothing options in the department stores, online and on the street are much more stylish and cute! The one style I have always loved are the Bohemian embroidered blouses and long full skirts.

Here are some favorite style links....

For the latest retro-fashion trends go back to: 
Bright Florals : Greys-Online
Bright Polka-dots : ModCloth
Bold Colors  and Geometric Patterns: Chic Nova
Short Mini Skirts: The Limited
GOGO Boots: Spencer's Online
Sneakers: Ked's
 Pantsuits: Rusty Zipper
Hiphuggers: we have been wearing these again for years!

So there it is... 
Fashion comes full circle again and again.
Gotta Love it or go Naked!
(Not for me...I re-purpose/recycle old clothes!!!LOL)
Enjoy the Retro Style of The Day!

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