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Natural Beauty Treatments DIY

I love making my own beauty recipes! I have found my favorites and shared them here with you today!  They are my personal favorites (disclaimer: I take no claim or responsibility for the information shared on this blog or the blogs I am linking to.) and I hope you will try out a few. For me, it is reassuring to know that my ingredients are fresh, healthy, and pesticide free. And who knew about all the unhealthy things that might be lurking in my cosmetics and beauty supplies, I sure didn't.

  My first favorite is the Teeth Whitener that I found on Pinterest (LINK) where two house hold ingredients make a natural tooth whitener (I use it once a week so to not destroy my tooth enamel).
Ingredients: 1 lemon juiced & 1 tsp baking soda mixed together and applied with a q-tip.

Rosemary, Mint & Thyme from my gardens CJD.Sign

My next favorite is a Bath Sachet. This recipe is from my Grandmother who used it to relax at night. 
1 Tablespoon of dried each OR 1 fresh sprig of each of the following:
Rosemary, Mint & Thyme 
Place it in a handkerchief and tie it with a rubber band/hair tie. Toss it into the bath water as you are filling the tub for your bath. Then use the "homemade sponge" when bathing. It is refreshing and relaxing and a great way to end the day.  

Do NOT USE IF: you are allergic to any of the ingredients in these  blog beauty suggestions.

AS SEEN ON: LINK- You Beauty

Coffee Body Scrub: 
For a revitalizing "Pick-Me-Up" that softens and hydrates skin.
I have made this recipe without the coffee and it is great too. I like the cinnamon & vanilla smell for a change up!

AS SEEN ON: LINK- Don't Mess With Mama 
Here are a number of great recipe ideas for your beauty treatments!
From Don't Mess With Mama. I particularly like the "Homemade Foundation Powder" Here:
AS SEEN ON Pinterest: LINK  From Live Simply’s recipe 
Live Simply has many other Fantastic Beauty Recipes for the DIY'er and I recommend this website for other fun ideas! LINK  http://livesimply.me/

 Don't Mess With Mama has many other great link Ideas. This one is a favorite for my chapped lips!
Organic DIY Lip Balm Recipe for Just $0.24 a Tube LINK

There are more Ideas filling the internet daily, but for starters, I recommend these above. Enjoy your Beauty Tuesday Natural Beauty Treatments & Have Fun!

If you'd like to share some of your favorite Natural Beauty Treatment links, please make note in the comments below! Thank YOU!


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