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Memorial Day

  1. Memorial Day is observed on
    Monday, May 25, 2015
Why do American's celebrate this day?
    The Celebration of Memorial Day started after the Civil War when many families decorated graves of their dead family members. It started back in 1865 and originally called Decoration Day. The tradition still stands today where the American Flag is flown for support and remembrance of all those who have lost their lives for America. Memorial Day is an honorable day to reflect and give thanks for those brave souls. It is important to remember, reflect, and give thanks.

What does this day mean to Americans?
    It is a Special Day to give honor and memory to those who have fallen in battle to keep America Free. It is the opposite of Veteran's Day as that is a Celebration of those who lived through the atrocities of war. Memorial Day is a day of reflection and thanks for those who gave their lives for this United States of America at home and abroad.
Want do American's do on Memorial Day?
    Events include festivals, sports, live music, parades, pic-nicks, cookouts & more. Many families get together for this Memorial Day Celebration for the comfort of one another and to decorate the fallen hero's graves with flags of support and remembrance. 

We wish you a Happy Memorial Day!
GOD  Bless America!


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