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Early Spring Veggies ~ Agricultrual Extension Services

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I'd like to chat about some of those common questions about gardening. I often read different views on gardening and since I have had gardens in the East, West, North & South, I feel I have a bit of insight that may help. 

So the first thing is:

What are the first vegetables you can plant in Spring?
Well, check first with your local Agricultural Extension Service as they would have the correct information for your area or region. You can find their number in the phone book or online through a search listing "Agricultural Extension Service (Your State)"; I would put Colorado.

The Agricultural Extension Service for Colorado is:  http://www.ext.colostate.edu/
Some of the topics are Yard & Garden, Home & Family, Water, Agriculture, Insects, etc. 

Since I want information on Gardening, let's try Yard & Garden.
  Under "Hot Topics" I found the subject, "Planning a Vegetable Garden". *Remember yours will be different if you live in a different State/Country.
My Spearmint Plant CJD
Under the Planning a Vegetable Garden, the article gives some top notch guidelines and great questions that every gardener should ask and know.
Grand River Hospital Grounds.

"Regardless of where one lives, growing conditions are bound to be different from the conditions described in most gardening books. To plan a successful garden, ask some questions. Which vegetables grow well in this area? What soil types are common? Are there unique conditions in the garden to consider, for example, high winds, compacted soils, poor drainage and wet spots? Finally, what are the first and last frost dates, and what is the length of the growing season?" SOURCE  

So this is a great place to start. Every Gardener has their own opinion as do we! But knowing the answers to  these questions will truly send you on your way to a Plentiful Successful Garden.
 There is information for the New Gardener and the Seasoned Pro!
"For more information, see the following Colorado State University Extension fact sheet(s) or Master gardener garden Notes.

 If you want to share your State's Agricultural Extension Service Link, Please do so in the Comment Section!
Have a wonderful day in your garden!
Enjoy Your Week Ahead!

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