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Date Night

A funny conversation came.up this week about date night and I thought I'd share it with you. This is also on "He Said And She Said" Blog.

It all started when "StepSon" said, "We are heading to (friend's) house for a while."
I said, "Hey, don't forget about 'Date Night'!"
And I got a strange look from StepSon & DaughterInLaw2.
I said, "You know, 'Date Night'. It's where you go to dinner and an activity, like bowling or a movie?"

Well, that is what I called 'Date Night', until I reached "Grandma Hood".
After the 'Young Ones' left for the evening, hubby and I discussed 'Date Night' to which we both agreed that Old Fogie's like us just like to have a "Homey" 'Date Night'. This consists of watching a movie on Net Flix, Amazon, Hulu or YouTube, eating junk food the Dr.'s have banned, cozy in our jammies and drinking a cup of Hot Coco!

Yeah! We both agree! And finally after a long Spring of staying on our diets and maintaining a healthy life style, WE HAD DATE NITE! With all the junk food we could stand! Our stomachs and our blood sugar took their knocks and we have decided that, for us, 'Date Night' could only be had once a Season!!

Young One's Date Night Wear!
The Young Ones had their 'Date Night' this weekend and they went out to a nice Mexican Dinner followed by an Action Movie, The Avengers, I think. Anyway, upon returning home, one young one got on the pc and played a game and the other got on the laptop and played a game. HUMMMMM.

I honestly don't know which 'Date Night' I would rather have!
Have A Great Week Everyone!
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