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The White Buffalo

 Driving through Colorado, we came upon a small herd of Buffalo.
 I was intrigued by the colors of the white and cream buffalo calves.
 Buffalo are also called Bison. Buffalo was near extinction in the West. But many farmers and ranchers are bringing them back.
 "The White Buffalo Prophecy tells of a time when a white buffalo calf would be born, and that birth would signal a time of Great Healing for All Nations." from Source.
 The Sacred White Buffalo signifies a time of healing and restoration for the Native American Lakota Tribe.
 This herd was a distance off the highway. It was a cold bleak day. The bison braced for the storm that was just over the mountains.

The Legend & Importance of the White Buffalo

 Click the link above for more about the White Buffalo.
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Photography by CJD.Sign and posted in youpic.com;     https://youpic.com/photographer/CJDSign/cjd-sign-from-colorado-united-states?flow=pic
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