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Organic Gardening

I have been Organic Gardening since I was a young child. I love to garden and look forward to this time each year when I get out my heirloom and favorite seeds, the seed cataloges and plan out my next garden.
 Please come along with me as I take a trip back to my 2013 Organic Garden in Colorado!
 We use reclaimed lumber and scrap lumber to build our boxes and add boards up the sides each year. We use compost to dress the boxes in Springtime.
 CoPlanting and Crop Rotation are important in Organic Gardening.
Planting Bush Beans in front rows and Pole/Climbing Beans in the middle rows is a great space saving idea. And NO Weeding!! Yeah!
 Tomatoes, Cabbages & Broccoli are inter planted for compact growing space and virtually no weeding these boxes!
 Our Strawberry Garden did not produce the first year, but look what happy accidents came along! A 13foot tall Sun Flower and 12foot tall Indian Corn!
Tomatoes, Carrots, Lettuce, Spinach, Strawberries, Acorn Squash are in the left half of the photo. The Corn Maze is to the right.
 Zucchini, Squash, Tomatillas, Corn, Green Beans, Butter Nut & Peter Pan Squashes are all in the Corn Maze Garden.
 Our Grandchildren plant a row of favorite vegetables each year.
 The back side of the Squash Plants in the first photo above. HUGE! And so tasty!

Thank You for taking a walk through my favorite Organic Garden! 
An Organic Garden is one where the plants are not treated with any chemicals. The bugs are organically controlled. Plants are companion planted and used to deter insects/bugs. Compost is used as fertilizer and yardwaste is recycled into plant matter.
We also use our own style of "Drip" Irrigation to conserve water. 
( I will be sharing the garden layout next week) 

And don't forget the flowers!
 Have a Wonderful Day!
Enjoy the Blessings of God!

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