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Healthy Snacks for Everyone!

Healthy Snacks for Everyone
It's Spring Time! And delicious fruits are coming into the stores. So here are a few ideas for healthy snacks to boost your day!

For that Sweet Tooth try:

low fat yogurt, low fat frozen yogurt, or sugar-free pudding.
*Try freezing your juice with sliced fruit in ice cube trays.
For that Sour Tooth try:

fruit leathers,  sour fruit (lemons, limes) slices or sour cherries
*Seasonal Fruits are best priced.

For that Salty Tooth try:

trail mix, pretzels or popcorn
*Generic brands are good too.

For that Crunchy Tooth try:

a couple of graham crackers, celery sticks or apple slices
*Finger food is fast and fun.

Add some Protein  for an added kick:

cheese sticks, peanut butter or  mixed nuts
*Protein is a great "pick me up".

Yogurt dipped Strawberries
Enjoy your Weekend! And Happy Healthy Eating!

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