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Ello and Illusion Scene 360 Webby Award Nominations

An awesome Website that is up for a Webby Award at the

12th annual awards is "ello". What are the "Webby

Awards People's Vote"? They have the people, us regular

Joe's, vote on your favorite websites, videos, art, social 

media sites, apps, etc. found on the internet. They are

found on http://pv.webbyawards.com.

Ello is a great user friendly, interactive website where I

like to blog about the projects I am involved with. Ello

stretches the mind and has opened the door for many

entrepreneurs to show off their talent.

Ello has many unique communities. These communities

are groups of like minded, like interested individuals that

share information and educated others. One of my

favorite communities is "elloarchitecture".

As a public benefit corporation, Ello will never sell ads or user data.Ello is an "invite only" website that offers the blogger a

wide range of  options for blogging and creating.
"ello"~VOTE~ here 

Webby Awards!


An awesome Website that is up for three Webby Awards at the

12th annual awards is Illusion Scene 360. I found them on

Ello. Here is an article LINK UP: http://illusion.scene360.com/art/78264/2015-webby-awards/

And it is in the category: Websites: Art.Illusion Scene 360~VOTE~ here    



What I like about illusion Scene 360 are the many unique

and artistic articles that stretch the mind in imaginative

and cultural ways. From Street Art to Tattooing, from

painting to interpretive art, Illusion Scene 360 keeps the

reader  entertainingly engaged!

Keep up the great work and keep inspiring minds!

Hope you VOTE today! Deadline is April 19th, 2015!

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