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Creative Day Thursday ~ Beaded Flowers

Beaded Flowers by CJD.Sign

Gather up your Supplies!
Get your tools ready! And here we go!!
Making beaded flowers is fun and easy!
You can use this tutorial for any type of center drilled beads.
I used tube beads and round beads for this project.
I have used  24g wire.
Cut pieces 4inches in length.



Wrap the beads as shown

Leave space at the ends. Twist tightly towards bead.

Add each new bead and wrap to center to secure.

Continue wrapping each bead until your desired shape.

Bring the middle wires and twist to secure. My flower is almost 2 inches long.

Now wrap the center beads and attach to flower base.
I use 3 round beads for this flower.

put all 3 on the wire and twist up together or individually.

Secure  center through middle of flower shape and twist with the back wires.

Now you are done! Beautiful flower!
Use your flowers for all sorts of accessories or home decor! Your choice is endless! Now go have some fun!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on beading flowers. Check the tabs for more fun and creative ideas!

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