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Clean Living - Cleaning Makeup Tools And Brushes

Keeping your brushes clean not only keeps your skin and hair cleaner, but ensures a flawless look.

I like to clean my brushes on Sunday for a fresh start on Monday Morning. For me, anything to keep Monday Morning simple is a good thing.

Cleaning your brushes is important to rid the brushes of bacteria, dead skin, and old makeup.  Vinegar's acidity breaks down the grime and makeup in the brushes fine hairs.

Cleaning your Makeup Brushes:

Vinegar & Water:   I use a mixture of 2 Cups Warm Water to 1 Cup Vinegar(white).
Rinse the brush ends in the solution, stirring the brush ends in the container. The ends will become misshapen or broken if left in the bottom of a container, so clean and rinse in warm water immediately. 
Use a paper towel to blot off any makeup excess and repeat if necessary.
Lay brushes on a clean hand towel over night to dry.

Cleaning your Hair Brushes:
I use a comb to pull out the hair stuck in the brushes bristles. Then I use an old tooth brush with warm water and a drop of shampoo it to clean between the bristles and brush.
I rinse with warm water and set to dry with the bristles down on a small hand towel over night to dry.

Hope you have a great week ahead!

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