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We are never alone in Christ.

We are never alone.

 It may just be a time of quiet reflection. 
 A time when the world becomes so much bigger
 than our little corner.
 An unexpected storm in life may take hold
or life may seem like running a maze,
 or the road may be narrow and long.
Take a look at the little things in life.
Enjoy the beauty, the quiet stillness and reflect.
Life can be so hurried, busy and overwhelming.
Stress creeps in and may cloud our vision.
But there are blue skies on the horizon. 

We are not alone.
Bright days are coming.

God is always with us even when we don't think He is.
His beauty surrounds us.
 He restores the soul.
His path may not be the same path we are currently on.
Keep on growing, working forward to be better.
Take advantage of those quiet times to dig deep and hold strong to faith, family & friends.
 Life is too short to be stuck in a rut.

 Break free and know He is Love.
All life is precious.
Reflect on happy moments. 

They add up to a lifetime.

 When I am stressed out, I find that taking just a moment of time for myself can help tremendously.
Reading a book,

 crafting a small project,
As seen on Wickstead's Etsy Shop
  or even sipping  a cup of tea
 can help me gain some perspective.

 I also write down things that are bothering me and I pray about them. 
Singing Bowls are very soothing, healing and relaxing
Dealing with stress can be as simple as changing the music you are listening to or changing your activity up. I know that breathing in and out slowly and a nap can help too!
God's Blessings,

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