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Fabric & Trim DIY Lampshade


For Creative  Day Thursday, I decided to do a quick project for my Grand Daughter's lamp. A Cute Bright Pink pull chain lamp that had a rather unique outdated lampshade. I think the original one got broken, but this alternate is up for a Quick DIY!

Fabric measurements are based upon lamp shade size. If yours is larger, it may need more fabric to cover the shade.
+ Supplies: 
Small milk cap
Stick pins 
Glitter glue (optional) 
Take your lampshade and measure mark it in the round. Leave a bit of fabric (*1inch extra) on all sides, mark all around the material in the steady tracing line of the shade until you come to where you started.                             ----->

Cut out the shape you have just drawn on the backside of the material. Leave enough room for tucking under the lace edgings.
Put glue on a disposable plastic plate/piece. Add a tiny bit of water to thin out the glue.

Then starting at the original seam side. Glue the seam. Then brush glue on the top round of the lampshade and the bottom part of the lampshade.
Start my placing your edge with the front side facing out, onto the side seam with top and bottom of seams matching the top and bottom of the lampshade.

Slowly, smoothing out the material as you go, continue placing the material around the  lampshade.

 Fixing pins into the piece as you round the lampshade. Keep pins in place until the glue  is completely dry.

 Remove the pins.& cut off excess.

 Remove the pins.& cut off excess.
Decorate the way you wish!

  Glue and pin as you go and wait till glue is dried before adding next layer of elements.
Smooth out glue with paint brush
Press trim into glue as you go around shade.

Keep going till the end; gluing and pressing.
Pin ends and let completely dry.


Glue the small ribbon on top of beaded trim.

Use the same process as above.

I chose to use a wide lace for the top and  a thin lace with draped pink beads for the bottom.


For 3Dimension I added silk flowers, tiny bow and some pink pre-strung pearls to the top front of the lampshade.



 TA DA!! It's DONE!

The lampshade was a big hit! She loved it and so did Mom :)

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

*yes, I was not using my glasses and did not see the material to notice I should have ironed it :(   


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