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Designing for YOU! Pardini Hall Architecture!

You have seen those awesome design ideas on Pinterest, YouTube, IHeartIt, Facebook, Twitter, and general internet surfing, Right?
Well, Here is the company & website that has many of the ideas in one place!  I featured a few, but there are so many more design ideas below and on the links provided!
 I checked them out for Mayhem Monday and listed them up here for you to check out at your leisure! Elips Design has rebranded to "Pardini Hall Architecture!"

 RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects)

Full Architect's Service

 All the links below and more can be found on:

  Pardini Hall Architecture Services are based in London and have been in operation since 2010. Please read more on their Portfolio page! http://www.pardinihallarchitecture.com/

Available Services:

  • Workspace design
  • Office design
  • Commercial Building
  • Restyling

The Hanging Garden of CDW

Hanging Garden Design for the small spaces in your life!
As seen On :    http://www.pardinihallarchitecture.com/portfolio/the-hanging-garden-of-cdw



Furniture Design
Awesome design for the pets in your life!
As Seen On:     http://www.pardinihallarchitecture.com/portfolio/catteux


The Italian Job

Commercial, Furniture Design, Retail  

Awesome pub! Located in Devonshire Road, Chiswick, The Italian Job is the first Italian craft beer pub in London.

 AS Seen On:   http://www.pardinihallarchitecture.com/
Don't forget to check out more Design Ideas from  Pardini Hall Architecture.

I love design and spreading the word of great work is so much fun!

The article was done on my choice and not a paid advertisement.

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