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Creative Day Thursdays: How to DIY Tutu

How to DIY Tutu

Supply list
Your choice of worsted weight yarn, I chose hot pink
Crochet Hook, I used "H" 5.00mm
Satin Ribbon, I used white 1 1/2" wide
Silk Flowers, I used pink cabbage roses
6-8"wide Netting
Needle & white thread,
 or matching color of your yarn/ribbons
  Crochet in a chain 3 rows
 I measured enough to wrap completely around the waist  2 times
Tuck ribbon in ends folding over
Pin and sew ribbon tab down securely

Finish off tucking thread inside stitching.
Attach the ribbon ties

Attach the netting
Cut tulle/netting longer for bottom row.
Cut tulle/netting shorter for top row.

keep going to the other ribbon tie.

I scalloped the edges for a prettier skirt.

Add the roses


 TA DA~~!

I so enjoyed this tutu! I will be making many more in the future! 

Maybe even one for me :)

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