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Creative Day Thursday - Crochet Scarf Wrap!

Ok, so this one came to me in a dream. The good ideas usually do!
But this one was a wonderful Idea that I implemented in this awesome Scarf Wrap!
I am so pleased to present this Scarf Wrap to you! 
I know you will love it as much as I do!

Since this is a Creative Thursday Project, I am going to show you how I did this awesome piece!
The indent in the scarf is my brooch pin-back in the left middle of the photo above.
 First, crochet a long Scarf. I used the one I have known since childhood, so I don't use a pattern. I also added a curvy edge to one side for a frilly girly effect. I LOVE IT!
Then I added some larger rounded edges so that I could connect it with other pins/brooches to create it as an Infinity Scarf, but I am showing you the Scarf Wrap today!
I have added a broach that my Grandmother painted years ago. It is one of my favorites.
I created a "hole" in the place where I would like the brooch to go and used a Single Crochet to emphasize the hole.
Emphasize the hole for your favorite brooch to stand out and make a statement! :)
This allows me to use smaller and larger brooches if I want to change them out with outfits.
Winter Snowflake Brooch
Butterfly Brooch for Spring

And don't forget, you can always wear it as a scarf to perk up jeans and a tee shirt!
I get really warm and don't like having a heavy sweater all the time. 

I also find that my neck is not a cold as my shoulders are, so this is a perfect solution to my dilemma!

And don't forget to try one for yourself, or maybe for a Christmas gift! Who wouldn't want this fun Scarf Wrap? I know I would!!

So, If your my relative, you may end up with one of these next Christmas; who knows??

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