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Makeup Brush Holder

Here is a great tutorial for making a makeup brush holder for home or traveling!

Sew the end of one ribbon to one end of the elastic.

Tuck both ends (sewn) under two bamboo pieces..

Fold over and stitch to the elastic only. Leave the ribbon free for now.

Start by placing your first brush and keep on going!
Since this is now a permanent holder, count the bamboo sticks under the brush. Now tuck in your elastic and pull firmly.

Keep on doing this over and over until the desired amount of brushes are in place.

The last brush will be the tie end of the ribbon. Sew the ribbon onto the last portion of the elastic.

A Nice Neat place for your Makeup Brushes.  I added a wand and tweezers by just making small elastic loops.
Roll your mat up and tie ribbons into a pretty bow!
I just found this other idea on "WeheartIt" but they used ribbon and hot glue.
I hope you liked my tutorial.
I can honestly say it is so easy to find and use my brushes now. And since I do travel, it keeps them all in one neat, clean place!

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